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Sherpa Financial Group

8250 Haverstick Rd,
Suite 280 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

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Sherpa Financial Group, LLC

Sherpa Financial Group, LLC

(317) 913-3365

The professionals at Sherpa Financial Group strive to help make your dreams come true. A bold statement, but nonetheless, it is what guides our decisions. We believe the opportunities in retirement can be fulfilling. We thrive on the challenges in this part of the journey.

Our name Sherpa Financial is the foundation of what we represent. Just as Sherpas are world-renowned guides for treacherous Himalayan mountaineering expeditions, our aim is to be the deeply trusted guides for you–retirees and soon-to-retire seniors.

Seniors face serious challenges in today’s financial climate: Am I going to outlive my money? What impact will escalating healthcare costs have on my retirement? Will my family be taken care of? Will I be able to maintain my standard of living?

We’re here to see you through. We’re Sherpa Financial Group.   

Wisdom. Vision. Integrity.